Dogs are the Best People

Dr Maxl Opines on Keval Singh’s Hong Kong Dog Flies Business Class, and Some Netizens Bite Back

Hi, I am Dr. Max! I am a professional Maltese dog, co-psychologist, and Renaissance man. The uproar of some netizens concerning my fellow dog Fifi flying business class cannot but originate from their unfamiliarity with dogs’ characteristics: high level of diplomacy, education, work discipline, and leadership aptitude all of which in human terms makes them CEO equivalents.

Ms. Rosalie did not gift Fifi a ticket; Fifi earned her flight! Personally, I studied psychology and attended sessions since I was eight weeks young. In human circles this would be called child labor but surely the petulant netizens wouldn’t think anything of it: Eight patients daily; eight laps to sit on; eight patients to console. When my human, Dr. Daniela lectured at graduate school, I accompanied her: I learned, counseled, and consoled my fellow students. I passed my tests and earned my keep! I had earned my doctorate by age three. This is the life of a dog!!

Fifi – we are all Fifi – is four years old. Without doubt, she provides her human, Ms. Rosalie, with staggering returns on her investment: Unconditional support, joy, love, and unshakable loyalty. I can only wish Ms. Rosalie can say the same about her wealth manager. In human terms, Fifi’s job combines the responsibilities of a high-level investment banker, heart surgeon, and psychologist. Fifi would earn a 2.5 million base salary plus a lucrative incentive bonus, fly First Class; and, wine and dine upscale – with no questions asked!

Concerned about Ms. Rosalie’s investment in Fifi, a netizen suggested to adopt a “real” daughter. Truthfully, Fifi traveling business class does not deprive any child of opportunity. Dogs save lives; Fifi adds meaning and value to Ms. Rosalie’s existence.  Dogs are ‘starter babies.’ Unless you can handle a puppy, you cannot deal with a newborn. Dogs are easily trained; humans – of any age – are not. Dogs constantly manage difficult personalities while children, teenagers, and adults need to be managed. Dogs decrease stress levels; children often increase them.  Adult children do not guarantee gratitude and obedience to their parents – dogs are loyal ‘till death do us part.’

Ultimately, it’s Ms. Rosalie’s choice how to spend her money. But to be clear, Fifi earned her business class ticket. Every dog knows, “there is no free lunch,” as Paul Mallon proclaimed. Yet did Fifi ever ask for vacation time or a bonus? Of course not: Dogs are the best people. 

Welcome us aboard!

This is Dr. Max, corresponding from Singapore. – Kisses from Max 😊  
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