Dr. Daniela Schreier

Your Relationships Are My Business

What I Offer

I am very grateful because I love what I do! It's a great privilege to be invited by my clients and patients to be their travel companion on their journey. It's a gift that I treasure. Each of us is unique; each of us has a unique journey and calling. Follow your own.

What I offer

Coaching and Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, and Corporation

  • General Clientele Characteristics:

Culturally diverse professional clientele with background in business, finance, law, engineering, medicine, consulting, teaching, etc.

  • Relationship Issues:

Premarital Counseling; End of a Relationship; Marriage Discord; 

Difficulties having/finding or maintaining a relationship; Getting Marriage; Breaking Up; Marriage and Couples Therapy

Mediation; Separation; Divorce

Relationship Strengthening

How to survive or not to survive an affair

Family Estrangement


  • Transitional Phases and Adjustment and Acculturation:

Empty Nest

New to Singapore

Babies are Born / Children Leave for College

New Job/Career or loss of such and Adjustment

Medical diagnosis

Finding Balance


  • Women’s Issues:


Career and children or career after children


Cosmetic Surgery and Aging




  • Men Issues:





  • Aging Well:

Starting in our 40th, we start looking at the world differently – we are talking about losses and gains that aging brings us and how to adjust and live life in a meaningful way

  • Business and Career Management

Dr. Daniela’s professional background in International Business and PR helps her to understand the pressures and  cultures of a fast-paced work environments

Starting and transitioning to a new career

Career, Life, Relational, Stress Management Coaching

Stress Management


  • Anxiety, Depression, and Burnout
  • Spirituality and Making Meaning in Life
  • Finding Your Path and Living Authentically

Personality Concerns, Emotional Regulation, Delayed Gratification, Finding Balance and Purpose, and Being versus Doing are areas of my focus.

What I am passionate about

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I am passionate about your relationships because all starts and end with our relationship with self and others. The quality of our relationships effects our success in personal and professional lives, our stress levels, and it influences our mental and emotional well-being. Nobody is an island and  feeling connected to self and others helps us to live a content and peaceful life.

In addition, I am an enthusiast of the three musketeers:  Emotion regulation (if you do not manage your emotions they will command you); good, honest and clear communication; and delayed gratification (what feels good for us now is most certainly not beneficial for our longterm goals and what feels like a sacrifice this very moment is generally favorable for the long run). The three musketeers are not always easy to master but anything in life that’s worth the while takes some work and mastery.

I believe we all come to this world with a unique potential – no two alike – and hence introspection and understanding what are our individual gifts, mission, and  passion is worth exploring to embrace the gift of life and to live it to the fullest.
Lastly, I believe that  stress exists mainly in our minds. Like our past, I have not seen it knocking on the door yet or booking a session – hence I trust that it resides within us.
Not unlike our past – that will show up in the present unless we deal with it wisely, stress is a menace to you – and as so many diseases and suffering it is at least partially self-inflicted. Hence let’s talk about how to deal with the foe within when we’ll meet.

Your relationships are my business. You deserve it and I care!

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Live Online Sessions

Since Covid-19 online coaching and therapy sessions have become the norm. We can meet by appointment only on my HIPPA secure online platform for coaching and therapy. Here you go,

Why Dr. Daniela


Board Certified in Clinical Psychology

Board-Certified in Clinical Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology

Board certification: Psychologist demonstrate peer reviewed mastery in their field of expertise through oral and written 

Board certification is a more stringent standard of competence than licensure to practice psychology.


Licensed in Multiple States and Countries

Licensed in Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas (USA) and Registered Psychologist with the Singapore Psychological Society


Author and Media Contributor

Author, media, and press contributor.

Contributes regularly to popular and professional magazines and newspapers

Has appeared on numerous international and national newscasts and radio shows including Fox News CNN, CNN International, KABC, MSNBC, CBS.  Dr. Daniela was a regular weekly contributor to True Crime TV in Session in the USA.



University Professor & Practitioner in Private Practice

Over 17 years of experience in private practice and as Graduate School professor in Clinical and Forensic Psychology


Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology with Minors in Multicultural and Forensic Psychology

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Degree in Clinical Psychology with specializations in Multicultural and Forensic Psychology

and trained and practiced  in the areas of Clinical, Forensic and Correctional Psychology and Child Custody Evaluation;



Professional Career In International Business & PR

Life, Relationship, Stress, Career, and Business Coaching  must be viewed and perceived from the clients’ 



Dr. Daniela provides sessions in English, German, and Italian. She enjoys learning new languages and about different cultures. 


Seminar Leader & Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Daniela is an experienced seminar leader and keynote speaker.

Your relationships are my business. You deserve it and I care!

In Session with Dr. Daniela

Coaching for Individuals, Couples, and Cooperations

Psychotherapy and Coaching for Relational Health

Life, Stress, Business, Career, and Relationship Management

Coaching for Individuals, Couples, and Cooperations

Psychotherapy and Coaching for Relational Health

Life, Stress, Business, Career, and Relationship Management