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Life offers us a variety of experiences. I am grateful for all of them. Media work taught me about the inherent difficulty of synthesizing important and relevant information to a split second statement. I gained lots of respect for my friends in the media who everyday face the pressure to serve relevant news in bite sized bits ...

Dr. Daniela On Air

Media & Press

Media & Press Inquiries

Dr. Daniela Schreier works regularly with journalists from television, radio and print media. She was a regular on-air talk radio guest on CHML 900 AM, Hamilton, Canada and KABC 790 AM Los Angeles.

She appeared on numerous newscasts and shows including CNN International, CNN, HLN, TruTV In Session, CBS2, Fox32, MSNBC, NBC5, Telemundo, WGN, and WTTW.

Dr. Daniela was quoted in CNN U.S., CBSNews, The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Chicago-Sun-Times and has appeared in feature articles in numerous publications, including the New York Daily News, Daily Heralds, Today’s Chicago Women and Women’s Health and Women’s World.

Dr. Daniela On Air