A Crash Course in Love and Life: Day 10

Title of Artwork: Field of Energy by Sue Turayhi

We can’t avoid loss and suffering in life. But we can avoid to get stuck by them. We can learn to accept painful experiences, allow them to transform us and outgrow them.

Dr. Daniela Schreier

Day 10

In life, we cannot avoid suffering and occasional tribulations. Rather than hating these moments, let’s try to be grateful for the lessons they teach us, and remember our Senior Partner is always by our side.

It’s easy to trust in God when things go our way. It becomes more challenging when God sends us challenges. Let’s use this day to affirm that God’s ways are mysterious but ultimately good for us. Who is the best judge of the big picture? Us or God? It’s easy to answer, “God.” But it’s tough to put our money where our mouth is! Trust him! Think of him as a Senior Partner in a firm who was managing accounts long before we were born, and will continue to do so when we pass.  


When is it hardest for you to be grateful and thankful for the life you have? Why? Now  make a promise to yourself! The next time you start complaining and getting resentful, repeat to yourself, “Jesus is with me now and forever. I am able to trust and let go. I don’t always know what’s best for me.” Then let him guide you.

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  1. Beautiful article.

    I think that the universe or unseen power is part of our unconscious quietness; it is here for us to be our guide. Religion is beautiful as long as people don’t use it as a form to control and condemn other.

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