A Crash Course in Love and Life: Day 2

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Daily Meditations for the 40 Days of Lent or Any Time of Year

Day 2

We’ve all made mistakes, and hope to be forgiven. Why not do another the same favor, and forgive someone who hurt us? 

Forgiveness is at the core of a peaceful life. We all are sinners at different stages of life. It is hardest to forgive people who were close to us and hurt us – Lovers who walked away, friends who took advantage, a company that let us go after many years of service. 

But have you never hurt someone who loves you? Let’s not forget our own shortfalls when we judge others. That former lover or friend was also made by God. Remember, forgiveness will free you from the shackles of anger and defeat.


Who do you need to forgive to free your own Spirit? You may think you can’t forgive someone who hurt you, but you can. Let your anger wash away slowly like writing in the sand. Thank your Creator for the lessons these people taught you.  

Artwork Title: Soulmates

By Sue Turayhi