A Crash Course in Love and Life: Day 3

Daily Meditations for the 40 Days of Lent or Any Time of Year

Day 3

Maybe you eat too many sweets. Maybe you yell at your loved ones before thinking. Maybe you can’t stand people who talk a lot. Today, try to accept your shortfalls, and shortfalls in others.  

Acceptance is an essential theme of Lent. As Jesus accepted to carry his cross and give his life for us, so do we have to accept the challenges we encounter in our lives.  Don’t ruin your day striving for perfection. Don’t demand perfection from others.

Accept the fact that life is a consistent string of minor and major problems. Your outlook on these problems will influence your daily living and decision-making. Ironically, you can only be in charge when you are willing to surrender to the fact that you neither control other people nor the details of your life. The more you try, the more you fail.


What traits or habits do you notice in yourself that bother you?  What types of people anger you? What have these traits in yourself and others taught you so far? Can you look at them from a different perspective so they don’t anger you so much?

Art Work: Spot, Stop, Sway, per artist inspired by Jay Shetty

By Sue Turayhi