Majulah Singapura

Words of Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude and humility send signals to all who meet us that we’re all connected to something larger than life itself. Namaste

Dr. Wayne Dyer

It is with deep gratitude and joy that I am writing these introductory post to my Singapore blog. I fell in love with Singapore – the beautiful Garden City – her diverse cultures and citizens, and her approach towards life more than two decades ago.

Ever since I moved to the United States of America to attend graduate school in 2000, the Lion City always remained the home of my heart and soul. A love affair to remember … not quite. Instead, a love affair that never seized.

Finally, in 2022, my journey came full- circle: I came back home to Singapore! What a privilege! What a gift to work, live, be part of and give back to a nation and society that I love so much. What a gift to practice at home and serve the nation and citizens I love.

A special thank you to Dr. Kim Rolles-Abraham and Dr. Abishek Abraham who so willingly embraced me and welcomed me as part of the Better Life team. I could not have been more blessed.

Terima kasih banyak Singapura dan warga Singapura. 

With love and gratitude,